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SuperLOTTO Winners

The California State Lottery is a rollover jackpot game, meaning that when there are no jackpot winners the prize money is added to the prize money at the next draw, increasing at each draw until there is a winner who matches all six winning numbers. To win the jackpot all you have to do is match five numbers from 1 to 47, and the additional Mega number from 1 to 27.

19 year old lucky girl

In January of 2006 a regular Sunday morning was being had by the Butler family in Palmdale California. They had no idea they were the owners of the winning California Super Lotto jackpot ticket until a relative called to inform them that someone in Palmdale had bought the winning ticket. Complete shock came over the family as they realized that the $84 million jackpot was their own. Robyn, the familyís 19 year old daughter had picked the numbers at random that previous Friday evening- following her instincts. The family opted for the lumps um option and received over $47.7 million. The family members are planning for their future, though no one is planning to leave their day jobs.

A true silver wedding

Jeff and Sandy were away for the weekend celebrating their 23rd wedding anniversary when their luck struck. While at the supermarket Carl noticed the first four winning numbers on a newspaper and immediately walked out. After checking the winning numbers several times the couple was $47 million dollars richer, planning for their sonís college education and their own real estate arrangements.

In 2007 a group of 20 Super Lotto players who had been playing together since 1996 finally hit the jackpot. They had played the same numbers through all the years, and three had already been retired when they won the $72 million jackpot. The group opted for the lump sum option worth $40 million. Those winners who were still working planned to stay there, pay off their mortgages, and plan extraordinary vacations.


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  •  California SuperLotto Pluscan produce rollover jackpots in the hundreds of millions
  •  The overall odds of winning a prize are very favourable
  •  You can win a cash prize simply by matching the Super Number