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Mega Sena - the Lottery of Brazil

Mega Sena lottery is the leading lottery game played in Brazil and one of the largest lotteries of South America. The Brazilian local Caixa Economica Federal Bank manages and runs the lottery. The Caixa Economica Federal Bank has had all the Federal Lotteries in Brazil under its wing since 1961.

The bankís goal is to nurture dreams of a better life as well as raise significant funds aimed at improving the quality of life in Brazil in various areas such as education and development. Money raised from the Mega Sena lottery is passed along to the Brazilian National Treasury. From the Treasury the funds are then distributed into educational plans and social advancement.

History of MegaSena

The Caixa Economica Federal Bank was founded in 1861, established in order to promote national savings, especially among the poor population. Other institutions with the same goals were established over the years until they were all combined in to CAIXA we know today in 1967. Caixa is the administrator of most of the national lotteries in Brazil, including the Mega Sena lottery. Mega Sena lottery drawings are held twice every week, on Wednesdays and on Saturdays at 2PM.

To win the Mega Sena lottery jackpot, players must match six numbers from a range from 01 to 60. The Mega Sena lottery drawings employ two cages: one with numbers from 0 to 5 and the other with the numbers from 0 to 9. A number is drawn from the first cage, and then a number from the second, thus creating a two digit number. The number drawn from the first cage is the first digit in the two digit number, and the number drawn from the second cage is the second number. If two zeros are drawn, it has been decided that they will represent 60. After six distinct two digit numbers are drawn in this way from the two cages, the drawing is closed and the winners can emerge.

Prizes Levels

There are three prize levels available in the Mega Sena lottery. The first is the jackpot which can be won by matching all six numbers, and two additional levels for those who guessed only 5 or four numbers correctly. The division into only three prize levels means that the funds raised are divided to fewer people, therefore allowing for larger jackpots.

46% of the money raised from the sale of the Mega Sena lottery tickets are given back to players as prize money. 35% of this prize money are given to the jackpot winner who matched all 6 numbers. An extra 20% are distributed between those who guessed 5 numbers correctly. Another 20% are divided between those who guessed 4 numbers correctly and the remaining 25% are dedicated to special draws which are held 5 times every year.

Winning Mega Sena Lottery

The highest jackpot paid out by the Mega Sena lottery occurred way back in 1999. A winner from Salvador walked away with a staggering R$ 64.9 million. Since then no jackpot has even come close to this record. The third draw that was held in 2007 had a jackpot of R$52.8 million. In July of 2008 the Brazilian Mega Sena lottery distributed R$53.1 million, the highest jackpot of the year, to two winners.

Winners in the Mega Sena lottery have 90 days from the day of the draw to claim their prizes. Prizes are paid out in a lump sum, as in all Brazilian lottery games. Winners can present their winning tickets at any lottery house around Brazil in order to claim their prizes. If the prize is worth more the R$800.00, the winning ticket must be presented at the Caixa Economica Federal Bank in order to claim the Mega Sena prize.

Prizes that arenít claimed in this specified amount of time are forwarded to the National Treasury and from there are distributed to funds aimed at improving the various aspects of life throughout Brazil.


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Why play Brazil's Mega-Sena?  

  •  Minimum jackpots are guaranteed. They start at about R$1.1 million.
  •  The jackpot has the potential to rise to R$200 Million.
  •  Every 5 draws a special draw is held offering a much higher guaranteed jackpot.