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R$ 4.8 million

Next Draw: Wed 04/01/2020

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Winning the Mega Sena

If only we could predict the magical winning numbers of the Mega Sena lottery in Brazil. The popular lottery game has 3 prize levels- making all the prizes worthwhile. In order to win the first level jackpot prize players must guess six numbers from the board of 1 to 60 correctly. There is no strategy that can guarantee a win 100%. Well, there is one strategy and that is to buy all the possible tickets with all the possible number combinations. Thatís a definite way to win the Mega Sena jackpot but itís definitely not a very efficient way.

A good idea might be to enlist positive thinking and good energy. There are philosophies that believe that the things you wish for and that you ask of the universe for yourself should come true if you open your mind and your heart. Keeping a positive outlook and believing that what goes around comes around- that being positive towards the universe might cause the universe to be positive towards you. These schools of thought might help you on your way.

Another direction is to keep in mind some local Brazilian superstitions. They say that making sure to put the sugar in the cup before the coffee will make you rich. You should make sure to keep your purse off the floor or your money might disappear and youíll have no idea what happened to it. Another superstition that might help you win the Mega Sena lottery is to eat lentils on the first day of January; this will ensure that you will make money during that year. And of course the classic superstition- do not walk under ladders, they are known to bring bad luck.


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Why play Brazil's Mega-Sena?  

  •  Minimum jackpots are guaranteed. They start at about R$1.1 million.
  •  The jackpot has the potential to rise to R$200 Million.
  •  Every 5 draws a special draw is held offering a much higher guaranteed jackpot.