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US$ 13.1 million

Next Draw: Sat 12/10/2022

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Odds Winning NY lotto

To win the New York Lotto game jackpot players must match six numbers out of 59. Players who match five winning numbers in addition to the Bonus number are awarded the second level prize, and there are also lower level prizes for players who match five, four or three of the winning numbers. This means there are five ways to win the New York Lotto - increasing the odds of winning a prize in the New York Lotto.

Improve Your Odds with 1$

Players can further increase their odds of winning a prize by wagering an extra dollar for the Lotto Extra add-on. With Lotto Extra players have a total of eight prize levels by matching three, four or five of the winning numbers plus one of the Bonus numbers. Apart from the jackpot prize which starts at $3 million, the other prizes are dependent on ticket sales and the number of winners at the prize level. The prize money is divided between the winners at every prize level.

New York Lottery Prize Divisions

Divisions Matches Odds to win
1 Prize 6 1:45,057,474
2 Prize 5+1 1:7,509,579
3 Prize 5 1:141,690
4 Prize 4 1:2,180
5 Prize 3 1:96

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Why play New York Lotto?  

  •  The record jackpot is US$65 million
  •  Rollovers happen frequently and push the jackpot up by leaps and bounds
  •  Players can win a prize 5 different ways