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New York Lottery Winners

The New York Lotto minimum jackpot stands at $3 million. In the event of no player matching all six winning numbers, the jackpot fund is rolled over to the next draw, and added to that jackpot prize, making it very worthwhile. While supporting local education in New York with an amazing $34 billion over the years, the New York Lotto has also produced hundreds of winners.

Mary Ann Hrywnak

In 2006, 49 year old Mary Ann Hrywnak was trying to escape a hot flash by going into a Brooklyn shop. While there, unwittingly she bought a QuickPick New York Lotto ticket that would change her life. At the night of the fateful drawing she recognized some of the numbers, but didnít pay the ticket much attention. Only when she was stuck at a restaurant without cash to pay for lunch did she try to cash the ticket and then she found out it would cover a little more than the lunch bill. The lottery ticket was worth $45 million. Hrywnak and her husband and two children received the oversized check worth over $22.1 million as they opted for the lump sum option. Hrywnak planned to found the Sonya Sinicki Cancer Foundation in remembrance of her husbandís cousin who she was very close to.

A king from Queens

The largest New York Lotto jackpot has an interesting story attached to it. Degli Martinez of Queens, New York, bought a handful of tickets prior to the June 30, 2007 draw. When he returned to the store following the draw he was informed that he had a $2 win as well as being the owner of the New York Lotto winning ticket. The shop owner printed Martinezís receipt and insisted he go to the Lottery offices right away. But Martinez inadvertently threw away his ticket and was left only with the receipt. Seeing as he didnít have the actual ticket at hand, lottery officials and Martinez had to wait a whole year- according to the rules the person holding the original ticket is entitled to the prize. They waited for the one year deadline to come and go before Martinez could be confirmed as the winner. Martinez opted to receive his prize in cash and received a check for almost $22 million.

A Quickpick win

Deb Hamilton and her mother Lois had had a lotto subscription for over 10 years. They had been playing the same QuickPick numbers over the years and during that time friends and co-workers joined the pool. They are called the Found Treasure Gang and in early 2009 they won $7 million. Some of the members of the group plan to travel, others are thinking about renovating their homes and helping out their children with college. The Found Treasure Gang opted to receive their winnings in 26 annual payments. Each will receive around $400,000.


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