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Powerball Strategy

How many tickets to buy?

The one surefire way to win the Powerball lottery game is to buy lottery tickets bearing all the possible number combinations. To win the Powerball jackpot, players must match five main numbers from 1 to 59 and another Powerball number from 1 to 35. Taking these into consideration you would have to buy 175,223,510 distinct tickets to make sure that one would win the jackpot. Seeing as every Powerball ticket costs one dollar, if you can afford to buy that many tickets, you might not need the lottery jackpot after all.

Buy less, pick numbers better

So if youíre probably not going to buy all those tickets you should have a plan on how to pick your Powerball numbers. Itís important to remember that lottery numbers are drawn at random, but there are patterns that can be discerned over time.

When analyzing these patterns the lottery numbers are usually divided into groups of ten. This division and grouping is also advantageous when picking your numbers. It might not be a good idea to pick all five numbers from the same group, for example all five numbers within the 20ís. You should make sure to spread out your numbers. On the other hand, in looking back over years of past Powerball drawings we have learned that in most drawings one of these groups does not get drawn at all. You might want to look back at a couple of previous drawings and pick numbers from the group that didnít get represented in the previous draw.

Last digits on winning numbers

Another hot tip to keep in mind is not to pick all five numbers ending with the same last digit. Statistically, the chances of drawing four numbers with a similar final digit in the lottery draw are less than two tenths of one percent. In almost 90% of the lottery drawings the winning lottery numbers have no more than two numbers with the same last digit.

So when you pick your winning lottery numbers remember to spread them out across the board and keep all these tips in mind.


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Why play USA Powerball?  

  •  USA Powerball's record jackpot is US$2.04 Billion
  •  The minimum US$20 Million jackpot is one of the largest guaranteed minimum jackpots anywhere.
  •  USA Powerball is the richest weekly lottery in the world.