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Powerball Winners

Winning the Powerball Lottery

Winning the lottery is a fantasy that can come true for those who buy lottery tickets, and has already come true for some very lucky people. To win the Powerball jackpot players must match 5 main numbers from 1 to 59 and the extra Powerball from 1 to 35. In total there are 9 prize levels in Powerball, but only one jackpot prize. The minimum jackpot is $40 million and can increase any time the jackpot prize is not won.

Eight Nebraskans Winners

The shocking $365 million jackpot was given out in February of 2006. Eight employees of a meat packing plant in Nebraska bought the winning ticket together and shared their winnings. They opted for the lump sum option payout and each received $15.5 million. Two of the winners were immigrants- one who fled the civil war in the Congo and two from Vietnam. The plant workers had a habit of pooling money together when the jackpots would escalate. This time it payed off.

In October of 2005 the West family from Oregon won the jackpot worth $340 million. Steve West and his in-laws pitched in $20 each and bought the winning ticket. They agreed to split the winnings between them.

Christmas draw Jackpot

The Powerball Christmas draw had a jackpot of $314.9 million. The prize had been increasing since just before Halloween a month earlier and ticket sales were going through the roof with lines stretching outside the stores across the country. Powerball officials guessed that about 600 tickets were being sold per second throughout the US on Christmas Eve. Jack Whittaker bought a ticket in West Virginia and was the single jackpot winner.

The Oldest Winner

In April of 2009 an 82 year old widower won the $144 million jackpot. The Washington DC resident, who wished stay anonymous, has ten children and 47 grandchildren and great grandchildren. With his jackpot winnings he put in place three trusts- one for the education of his successors, another for their health and the third for charity.


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Why play USA Powerball?  

  •  USA Powerball's record jackpot is US$2.04 Billion
  •  The minimum US$20 Million jackpot is one of the largest guaranteed minimum jackpots anywhere.
  •  USA Powerball is the richest weekly lottery in the world.