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£ 5 million

Next Draw: Wed 17/08/2022

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UK Lottery Odds

To win the National Lotto jackpot players must match six numbers from the 49 numbered balls. There are additional prize levels in the National Lotto for players who match three or more of the winning numbers. A bonus number is also drawn from the machine but that is only relevant for players who match five of the numbers and match the bonus number as well; they are eligible for the second level prize. The prize amount in each level depends on ticket sales and the number of winners in each level.

UK Lottery Prize Divisions

Divisions Matches Odds to win
1 Prize 6 1:45,057,474
2 Prize 5+1 1:7,509,579
3 Prize 5 1:144,415
4 Prize 4 1:2,180
5 Prize 3 1:97
6 Prize 2 1:10

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  •  The UKs biggest lottery game
  •  Jackpots of up to 66 Million
  •  1-in-10 chance of winning a prize
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