How to Play the UK National Lottery?


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How to Play the UK National Lottery?

The National Lotto draws are conducted on Saturdays and Wednesdays and are broadcast live on TV channel BBC1 within the United Kingdom. Of the revenue made from National Lottery sales, 50% goes back to the public in the form of prizes, 28% is forwarded to the Good Causes fund for local activities and the rest is divided between retailers, taxes and operating costs.

The National Lotto has twelve drawing machines at its service. One machine is picked at random before each Lotto draw and one set of numbered rubber balls of the eight sets available. At the draw six numbers are drawn from the balls numbered from 1 to 49 as well as the bonus ball. The bonus number, as well as the six main numbers, is drawn from the same set of numbers, meaning that they are all distinct; the bonus number cannot be the same as one of the six main numbers.

How to win the UK National?

To win the UK Lotto jackpot players must match six of six of the winning numbers. The second level prize is awarded to players who match five of the six numbers and the bonus number as well. This is the only case in which the bonus number comes into play. Players who match five numbers plus the bonus number are awarded a higher prize than those players who match five numbers alone. Lower level prizes are awarded to players who matched three numbers or more, the more numbers matched the higher the prize. The chances of winning any prize in the National Lottery are 1 in 52.6.

Prize money in each prize level is divided between all players who matched the same amount of numbers. The amount of the prize also depends on proceeds made from the sale of tickets. All National Lotto prizes are paid in cash lump sum.

When there are no players who match the six winning numbers to win the jackpot, the jackpot fun is rolled over to the next draw, thereby increasing the jackpot at the next draw. There is a limit on rollovers. If there is still no jackpot winner following four successive draws the jackpot is rolled down and distributed between those players who matched five of the numbers plus the bonus number.

Can us citizen win the UK lottery?

Wintrillions offers you the opportunity to play and win the UK lottery- from anywhere.

National Lotto prizes must be claimed within 180 days of the draw date. Prizes that are left unclaimed for a longer period of time are put in the Good Causes fund.

To participate in the National Lottery players must be at least 16 years of age.


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