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UK National Lottery Winners

The National Lottery in the United Kingdom can boast the millions of happy winners itís made over the years since 1994. There are a number of prize levels in the National Lotto, but usually itís the jackpot winners that get the fame. Since December of 1994 National Lottery winners have a right to their anonymity when a ticket holder was hounded by the media against her wishes.

UK Winners Choices

Studies have shown that many Lottery millionaires in the UK tend to head to the car dealerships as a first step. The first thing 34% of National Lottery winners do is buy a car or two or more. While the majority of winners- 80% of the Lottery winners tend to upgrade their homes before doing anything else. Most of the winners stay close to their original home, not wanting to leave their families, friends and neighborhoods.

About a third of the winners who were working prior to their win kept their day job. Take Luke Pittard as an example. The 25 year old won 1.3 million pounds in the lottery and still applied for his old job at McDonaldís, flipping burgers for 5.85 pounds an hour. Although managing just fine from the interest on his win, a year and a half later Pittard realized he wanted to get back to work and returned as a staff trainer.

First the Holiday- than the money

Martyn and Sandra White were making the final arrangements for their weeklong trip to Italy when they realized they were big National Lotto winners. As they were checking the final flight details online they learnt that they had won a prize. Thinking that it was a low level prize they dismissed the announcement at first, but curiosity got the better of them. After checking their online account as well as additional lottery result websites the couple were convinced of their 10.7 million pound win. But they were off for their holidays and the money had to wait.


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