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USA Mega Millions

With jackpots that regularly soar above US$100 million, itís no wonder that USA Mega Millions is so popular. Jackpots for the world's second richest weekly lottery kick off at US$40 million, which makes them among the biggest minimum jackpots of any national lottery.

USA Mega Millions is a rollover machine. The gameís largest ever rollover jackpot topped out at US$656 Million, the biggest payout in the history of weekly lotteries up to that time. And with its 9 different prize levels, Mega Millions offers players many chances to win. Even the second prize is US$1 Million - Guaranteed!

USA Mega Millions Key Facts

Draw Days

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Minimum Jackpot

US$40 Million

Record Jackpot

US$656 Million

Draw Format

Pick 5 main numbers from 1 to 70. Then pick 1 Mega Number from 1 to 25. You win the jackpot by matching all 6 numbers.


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USA Mega Millions FAQs

  •   What is USA Mega Millions?

    USA Mega Millions is the second richest weekly lottery game in the world. It was created in 2002 and was instantly successful, developing a large and loyal player base. Itís known for its jackpots which often grow above US$100 million and for its generous subsidiary cash prizes. Its most famous payout was a US$656 Million rollover jackpot, which was the world lottery record. Since its inception,USA Mega Millions has sold literally billions of tickets.

  •   How does it work?

    You need to choose 6 numbers in all ó 5 numbers from between 1 and 70, and 1 Mega Number from between 1 and 25. If you match all 6 numbers, youíre a jackpot winner. But even if you donít win the jackpot, you could still be a lottery winner, because USA Mega Millions offers 8 other prize levels in addition to the jackpot. In fact, you can win just by matching the Mega number alone. Match the 5 main numbers to win US$1 Million.

  •   What does it pay?

    Jackpots start rolling at US$40 Million and often exceed their minimum. Jackpots of more than US$100 Million happen regularly. The record USA Mega Millions jackpot is $656 million. Second tier prize payouts are guaranteed at US$1 Million.

  •   What happens after buying a Ticket?

    Once youíve placed your order, we will email your confirmation. Your USA Mega Millions Ticket(s) will be purchased by our local office who will send your numbers directly to your email. The originals will be stored in a security deposit box by our auditors for your security.

  •   How much does it cost to play?

    The exact price of your USA Mega Millions ticket depends on how many lines youíd like to play and how many draws you want to play for. Remember, the price you pay includes all our service fees and taxes. We do not charge any deductions or commissions of any kind. You keep everything you win.

  •   When is the deadline for buying Tickets?

    The deadline for buying your tickets is usually around 5 hours before the draw itself. The amount of time you have left is clearly shown on the website. We recommend that you order in plenty of time if you donít want to miss out.

  •   What are the odds?

    Your odds of winning the top prize in USA Mega Millions are 1-in-302,575,350. Youíre overall odds of winning a cash prize are 1-in-24.

    Prize Hits Odds
    1st (jackpot) 5 + 1 1 in 302,575,350
    2nd 5 1 in 12,607,306
    3rd 4 + 1 1 in 931,001
    4th 4 1 in 38,792
    5th 3 + 1 1 in 14,547
    6th 3 1 in 606
    7th 2 + 1 1 in 693
    8th 1 + 1 1 in 89
    9th 0 + 1 1 in 37
  •   How do I know if I have won?

    After the draw the winning numbers and the prizes for each category will be announced by USA Mega Millions. As soon as we get this information, it will be communicated via email and, if you have won a major prize, we will contact you directly as soon as we can. All results can also be viewed on our website.

  •   What happens when I win?

    All prizes won that are below $600 will be claimed on your behalf and credited to your BuyLottoOnline account. Any prizes won above this level are handled on a case by case basis according to the rules of the individual lottery. Wherever possible BuyLottoOnline will claim the prize money on your behalf. If you prefer to handle your own claim or local rules prevent us from claiming the prize on your behalf, we will facilitate getting the winning ticket to you and our lottery winners support team will assist you in making the claim. We have had over 192,000 winners from 118 different countries throughout the world with players winning anything from $8 prizes up to $1 million jackpots.


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Why play USA Mega Millions?  

  •  The record USA Mega Millions jackpot is $656 Million, making it the second richest weekly lottery in the world
  •  The second tier prize is a guaranteed $1 Million
  •  You can win a cash prize simply by matching the Mega Number