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Draw Date

  • 5
  • 22
  • 42
  • 49
  • 62
  • 63
  • 80

Tue 27, September 2022 - Prize breakdown

Jackpot for this Draw

€ 278,300,000
Information and Jackpot Analysis 
Prize level Match Payment
1 Prize 6 No winner
2 Prize 5+1 No winner
3 Prize 5 € 133,695.20
4 Prize 4 € 439.56
5 Prize 3 € 28.53
6 Prize 2 € 5.35


NEXT JACKPOT € 279.6 million

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SuperEnalotto Results FAQs

  •   How do I know if I have won?

    After the draw the winning numbers and the prizes for each category will be announced by Italian SuperEnalotto. If you’ve won a prize, we will notify you shortly after the draw. For prizes up to $600 we will send you an email and for prizes over $600 a member of our lottery winners support team will call to personally congratulate you. All results can also be viewed on our website or why not get them direct to your inbox with our lottery results email alerts.

  •   How do I collect my winnings?

    All prizes won that are below $600 will be claimed on your behalf and credited to your BuyLottoOnline account. Any prizes won above this level are handled on a case by case basis according to the rules of the individual lottery. Wherever possible BuyLottoOnline will claim the prize money on your behalf. If you prefer to handle your own claim or local rules prevent us from claiming the prize on your behalf, we will facilitate getting the winning ticket to you and our lottery winners support team will assist you in making the claim. We have had over 192,000 winners from 118 different countries throughout the world with players winning anything from $8 prizes up to $1 million jackpots.

  •   How do I set up lottery email alerts?

    Simply follow this link or enter your details in the box in the right hand column of this page. Choose your lottery, select the alerts you need (Results and/or Jackpot), enter your email address and click Create. We’ll do the rest.

  •   What are the odds?

    Your odds of winning the top prize on Italy's SuperEnalotto are 1-in-622,614,630.

    Prize Hits Odds
    1st (jackpot) 6 1 in 622614630
    2nd 5 + 1 1 in 103769105
    3rd 5 1 in 1250230
    4th 4 1 in 11907
    5th 3 1 in 327
    6th 2 1 in 22
  •   Where can I see my ticket?

    Your Italian SuperEnalotto ticket(s) will be purchased by our local office who will send your numbers directly to your email. The originals will be stored in a safe deposit box by our auditors for your security.


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