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If you love playing the world's richest lotteries, why not share the experience with your friends? We're so confident they'll love it too that we'll let you play USA Mega Millions for free every time a friend you’ve referred signs up to play their first lottery or syndicate.

Free Play for your friend

We really want you to share the excitement of playing with BuyLottoOnline, so not only will we let you play USA Mega Millions for FREE, we'll also let your friends play too. There's no limit to the number of Free Plays you can claim, so start referring right now.


How it Works

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    Login to your account

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    Enter your friend(s) details

    We just need to know their name and their email address.

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    Wait for your Free Play

    As soon as your friend plays, we'll add the free play to your accounts.

Refer a Friend And play USA Mega Millions for Free

Refer a friend FAQ

  • Why should I refer a friend?

    Well you love BuyLottoOnline, so why not share the joy? We’ll give you 1 free USA Mega Millions ticket for every friend you refer and, as if that’s not enough, we’ll give them one as well to say thanks for signing up. Both tickets will be issued as soon as your friend plays

  • I've been referred, what should I do?

    Welcome to BuyLottoOnline, you’re only 3 steps away from playing the world’s richest lotteries. Simply sign up for your personal account, enter your friends email address in the box on the sign-up page and choose the lottery or syndicate you want to play. As soon as you play, we’ll credit three USA Mega Millions ticket to your account.

  • This sounds like a great offer, what's the catch?

    There isn’t one. All we ask is that your friend must play before we credit your free USA Mega Millions tickets to you both. There's no limit to how many friends you can refer or how many free USA Mega Millions tickets you can earn.