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Winning Florida Lottery

If there was a definite way to win the lottery we would all be filthy rich and the lotteries would run out of business. Since most of us are not filthy rich, there is obviously no guarantee for winning the lottery. One thing is known for sure- you have to buy a ticket to win the lottery. There’s no way around it.

Pick Your Lottery Right

Some lottery strategists promote playing the lotteries with the lower jackpots, since these draw less players and less competition for the winning numbers. Meaning if you do win it is less likely that you would have to split your prize.

Picking Winning numbers- and the QuickPick Paradox

There are studies that have been conducted around the world that show that numbers picked out personally by players rather than QuickPick numbers chosen by a machine have a higher chance of ultimately winning a prize. Just remember to try to spread out your number choices.

Obviously, buying more tickets gives you a greater chance of hitting the winning numbers. One way to do that is to pool your money together with friends or family, preferably with people you trust, and buy more tickets than you would by yourself.

A final tip is to check previous winning and losing numbers on the internet. There is such a thing as ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ numbers. Those numbers that haven’t come up lately might have more chances of appearing in coming draws.


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Why play Florida Lotto?  

  •  Jackpots frequently roll into the multi-millions
  •  The record jackpot was US$106 Million
  •  Its prize structure helps keep the jackpot big