Mega Millions Lottery Odds


US$ 379 million

Next Draw: Fri 12/09/2022

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Odds calculation and prize division

In order to win the Mega Millions lottery jackpot players must match five main numbers from 1 to 56 drawn from one bag, and another Mega Ball number from 1 to 46 drawn from a different bag. In the Mega Millions lottery there is a total of nine prize levels. This means that although a player might not have matched the five main numbers in addition to the sixth Mega Ball, he might still win something by matching only some of the numbers that came up in the draw. Even if a player only matched the Mega Ball number, he can still win a prize. The jackpot starts at $12 million and can increase following a draw that had no winners, but the lower level prizes are constant.

Prize divisions

Divisions Matches Odds to win
1 Prize 5+1 1:302,575,350
2 Prize 5 1:12,607,306
3 Prize 4+1 1:931,001
4 Prize 4 1:38,792
5 Prize 3+1 1:14,547
6 Prize 3 1:606
7 Prize 2+1 1:693
8 Prize 1+1 1:89
9 Prize 0+1 1:37

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Why play USA Mega Millions?  

  •  The record USA Mega Millions jackpot is $656 Million, making it the second richest weekly lottery in the world
  •  The second tier prize is a guaranteed $1 Million
  •  You can win a cash prize simply by matching the Mega Number