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Mega Millions Lottery winners

The minimum Mega Millions jackpot is $12 millions and can increase from week to week when there are no lottery jackpot winners.

In March of 2007, the world’s largest jackpot was payed out - a staggering $390 million dollars was won by two ticket holders. After the sale of over 200 million tickets leading up to the draw, a ticket holder from New Jersey and Eddie Nabors from Dalton, Georgia were the two lucky lottery winners. Nabors, a truck driver, father of three grown children and grandfather to six declared he was ‘gonna go fishing’ following the life changing lottery win. He went on to buy a new boat and planned to take it everywhere.

In January 2005 Margaret Jones won the $130 million Mega Millions jackpot. She arrived at the headquarters in Atlanta with her family, relatives and friends in tow- she had hired a bus so that they could all join her as she claimed her prize.

When Mega Millions lottery winner Stephen Cooke from Georgia went to claim his prize in November 2003, he was informed that he was sharing the lottery jackpot with two other winners. Only then did he realize that he was one of those other winners. He remembered he had bought a second ticket with the same winning numbers. Cooke left the Mega Millions twice that day with two enormous checks.

Stephen Moore, a US Army Officer stationed in South Korea won the Mega Millions $150 million jackpot while he was on leave in 2003. Before leaving his station he had predicted that he would win the lottery jackpot while staying with his family at home in Georgia.


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Why play USA Mega Millions?  

  •  The record USA Mega Millions jackpot is $656 Million, making it the second richest weekly lottery in the world
  •  The second tier prize is a guaranteed $1 Million
  •  You can win a cash prize simply by matching the Mega Number