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Winning NY lottery

The New York Lotto, like any lottery game or gambling, is a game of luck. None of the Lotto winners to date have had a guaranteed method or strategy that has lead to their win, while some even testify to buying their New York Lotto ticket on a whim. ‘Luck’ almost always goes hand in hand with superstitions and customs you believe will help you land the grand lottery jackpot. Belief is also considered a ssrong strategy when playing the New York Lotto.

The "Lucky Shop" Concept

A lot of people believe in the concept of a Lucky Shop. While some people will buy their Lotto tickets at the shop nearest to their home, there are others who prefer to go to that out-of-the-way spot where they once win $2, and they keep going to that one shop. There is also a trend to go to a vendor that has sold a winning New York Lotto jackpot ticket in the previous draw, in the hopes of getting some of the extra luck that might be lying around. It is a fact that ticket sales in these shops do go up significantly.

Winning Numbers

Of course you should also take into account your New York Lotto lucky numbers. Some people go with the numbers they get off the fortune cookie fortune. This lottery strategy has been known to work in the past. You might also want to pay attention to numbers that come up in your dreams. You shouldn’t disregard them just because they appeared in a dream, right?


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Why play New York Lotto?  

  •  The record jackpot is US$65 million
  •  Rollovers happen frequently and push the jackpot up by leaps and bounds
  •  Players can win a prize 5 different ways