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About California Super Lotto

The California State Lottery was founded in November of 1984 after the citizens of California passed the California Lottery Act, permitting the creation and operation of a state lottery in California. The lottery act is aimed at raising extra money for education within the state, instead of imposing an additional tax. Under the Lottery Act the California State Lottery must give at least 34% of the revenues to aid public education.

The first tickets to the California State Lottery went up for sale in October of 1985.

The “SuperLotto Plus” game

The California State Lottery has been administering the SuperLotto Plus lottery game since the year 2000, it was previously run under the name California Super Lotto. The Super Lotto Plus draws are held twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7:57 PM. Players must chooses 5 numbers ranging from 1 to 47 and an additional number, the Mega Number, chosen from numbers ranging from 1 to 27. The draw utilizes two machines and two sets of balls, one with rubber balls numbered from 1 to 47 and the second used when drawing the Mega Number, with rubber balls numbered from 1 to 27.

Most California lottery draw games use random number generators, while California SuperLotto Plus lottery game utilizes traditional drawing mechanisms.

In order to ensure randomness in the California SuperLotto Plus drawings the machines and sets of balls are chosen at random prior to the draw. Once a month the balls are inspected and calibrated to an accuracy of .001 grams and they are measured to guarantee their consistency. Test draws are held on a regular basis and their results are analyzed, as well as the results of the actual draws, to make sure there aren’t any numbers which appear more often than they are supposed to. Outside independent supervisors administer these tests as well as examining the tapes of the draws to ensure the California SuperLotto Plus drawings are credible.

Guessing only the Mega Number will make you a winner

In order to win the California SuperLotto Plus jackpot, a player must guess all 6 numbers drawn correctly. Apart from the jackpot, there are eight additional prize levels, depending on how many numbers the player guessed right on his play slip. There is even a prize for players who only guessed the Mega Number correctly. The overall odds of winning any California SuperLotto Plus prize are 1 in 23.

The minimum jackpot prize in the California SuperLotto Plus is $7 million. If the jackpot is not won and claimed by a player who matched all 6 numbers, the money is rolled over to the next draw, and added to that jackpot and so on, increasing in value until there is a jackpot winner.

California SuperLotto Plus winners have 180 days from the day of the draw in which to claim their prizes. Money from unclaimed prizes is given to the education fund in addition to the original 34% of revenues allocated to the education fund.

California SuperLotto Plus jackpot winners have a choice to make regarding the way in which they receive the jackpot prize. They may choose a single lump sum payment, which is equivalent to about 50% of the advertized jackpot. The second option is to receive the prize money in a 26 year annuity. The annuity payment is a graduated payment made out over the course of 26 years. Every year the payment gets gradually larger until the amount of the 25th payment is double that of the first. Until 2005, players had to make their choice of payment plan at the time of ticket purchase. Since then, California SuperLotto Plus jackpot winners have 60 days to decide if they would prefer the lump sum payment, or annuity.

CA lottery facts

In February of 2002 three winning tickets split the record breaking California SuperLotto Plus then-highest jackpot payout of $193 million.

In November of 2005 occurred the highest payout to a single winning ticket – that was purchased by seven people. They split between them $315 million.

The largest group of people to claim a California SuperLotto Plus jackpot was a group of 56 people in August of 1995. Their ticket won a third of the jackpot which was $56 million. They split between them $18.68 million. Each one of the 56 received his own personal check.

Statistically, on average, there is a jackpot winner in every 2.4 draws.


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  •  You can win a cash prize simply by matching the Super Number